Quality in-home care

Our Staff

We have over 100 respectful, compassionate and patient employees who are able to work comfortably with clients from diverse cultures.

Our Services

A wide variety of services can be chosen based on the needs of our clients, with a specific plan of action catered to client needs.

Our Culture

We are determined to help our clients reach the greatest degree of independent living possible, even if it means taking extra time. 


We're here to help.

 A common myth concerning home health care is that it is restricted to the elderly. Simply put, this is not the case. We provide services for anyone of any age. If you or your loved ones are having trouble with daily tasks but are otherwise in good health, home care services can help. There is no shame in requiring aid.

Every experience at Millennia Healthcare is unique. Our caregivers only work with one client at a time, encouraging the development of meaningful relationships. Having a caregiver should be empowering, not discouraging.

Our staff members are focused on helping our clients achieve the greatest degree of independent living possible. We hope that you will allow us to serve you in the comfort of your own home.